The Sharpening Report – SkyWatch TV Welcome to The Sharpening Report, created by Josh Peck of SkyWatchTV and hosted by James DeWitt and Jake Ruchotzke! TSR is an internet interview show with the most mind-blowing guests who promise to dig out the raw, uncut, Biblical truth, even if it contradicts Church tradition. You won’t be hearing this information in the church!
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The mission statement for The Sharpening Report is…

We, Josh Peck and James DeWitt, are set out to provide the raw, uncut, Biblical truth to any and all who will listen. Our goal is to separate Biblical truth from Church tradition to discover the reality of God at every conceivable angle. This is done through honesty and humility, realizing that we will not discover all the answers on this side of the veil. Given that, it is acceptable for others to have differences in opinion as long as they can be backed up with the Bible and are presented in a manner that is edifying to the Church. After all, iron truly does sharpen iron (Proverbs 27:17).