Trevor’s Vision: Air Force Veteran Paying it Forward, Feeding the Homeless


  By Jeff Kistler, Founder of Trevor's Vision VISIT WEBSITE: The group is affectionately named "Trevor's Vision" after the little boy in the movie Pay it Forward. His vision was to simply do a few random acts of kindness and in turn maybe inspire a few people to do the same which could potentially change the world. That is exactly what we feel like we are doing, Changing the world one person at a time. A friend of mine and I were … [Read more...]

Kris “Tonto” Paronto: 13 Hours: What Really Happened in Benghazi

tonto Jewish Voice YouTube Channel What really happened in Benghazi? Kris Paronto was there – right in the fight. Kris is one of six American security operatives who fought for 13 hours, risking their lives to save dozens of others that night at the U.S. State Department compound in Benghazi. Kris sits down with Jonathan Bernis to discuss that now-infamous attack, what led up to it, and the controversy afterward. His book, written with the surviving members of his … [Read more...]

Air Force Veteran working to help Vietnam Vets


An Indiana man is asking for help in his search for photographs of Vietnam War veterans. Air Force veteran David Hine explained on "Fox and Friends Weekend" today why this concept of finding vets' photos is important to him. "Being in the military ... you continue to remember those that served before you, with you and those that are currently serving now," he stated. "We can't afford to forget the sacrifices that every man and woman made when they paid the ultimate sacrifice for the … [Read more...]