Homeschooling foster family makes welcome bags for children entering the foster care system

Summer 2014 046

by Alexa Shoop, Homeschool Student Contributor Hi, I am Alexa, part of the Shoop Troop Family. We have been fostering sweet kids for almost five years. I love being able to share my home with other kids in need. I realized quickly that some of the kids are not able to bring their special belongings. My family and I wanted to help. We want them to feel special and know that people care about them.  We decided to make some bags and try to fill them with things that could change their … [Read more...]

Sweet Stories by Homeschool Elementary Students

child with arms

Ice Cream Drive-Thru by Katherine J., Elementary - Spring 2014 Homeschool Writing Contest Hi, my name is Katherine. I was with my mommy and brother at McDonalds, in the drive-thru lane when my mommy said, "Do you want to do a act of kindness?" My brother and I said, "YES!" My mommy said, "Then let’s pay for the car behind us."  It was a car full of kid’s.  It was such a blessing to do something for someone else.   God's Good Works by Kara E., Elementary  - Spring 2014 … [Read more...]

Loving Ourselves

self worth

by Bethany Manning, High School Spring 2014 Homeschool Writing Contest Contributor Excerpt from a homeschool student documentary on self worth Loving ourselves is a struggle that all kinds of people understandably face. Most have battled feelings of self-worthlessness at one point or another. Some have a tougher battle than others. This is understandable, expected even, because of the pressure social media poses on society to look perfect. But what is perfect? Obviously, to the … [Read more...]

Kids Against Hunger

kids against hunger

by Mary Keeling, Middle School 2014 Spring Homeschool Writing Contest Contributor Many children do not have the same privileges of you and I. They do not get to buy a new toy every month and some even struggle with eating a healthy meal every night before they go to bed, but, with the ‘Kids Against Hunger’ cause, we can one day hope to end this tragic fate. “The mission of Kids Against Hunger, a humanitarian food-aid organization, is to significantly reduce the number of hungry children … [Read more...]

Barefoot College is Changing the World


by Kailey Albritton - High School Spring 2014 Homeschool Writing Contest Contributor Can you imagine working long hours in the day with little pay? Or being forced to stand by without a voice as your country went through changes? Sadly, this is the life of many women around the world, and they need support. Barefoot College is a non-government organization that is aimed on helping developing nations improve their economy’s development through the support of women. Formed around … [Read more...]

Education in America – We are all unique, not common

we are all unique

by Melanie Ledesma - Middle School Spring 2014 Homeschool Writing Contest Contributor Throughout time society has drilled into our minds that education is the key to a successful and outstanding future. They truly have instituted in schools all over the country that without education there is no success. At times I truly feel as if society blinds us from this great truth, and holds us captive to something unknown. Society gives America's students standards, telling them that without top … [Read more...]

Mission to the Philippines

mission to phil

by Iva Godlove - High School Spring 2014 Homeschool Writing Contest Contributor From the first day my mission group started working in the Philippines, we could tell that something as simple as daily vitamin pills were greatly needed and greatly appreciated. Each day, my mission group started with their daily routine of setting up the various stations at the daily region that we were selected to go to. Once each station was organized and situated, the doorway would open at nine in the … [Read more...]

Ingrid’s Miracle

woman praying

Ingrid’s Miracle by Dakota Hummel 3rd Place Honorable Mention - GNN America Homeschool Writing Contest Mary Nelson, an eight-year-old girl, has been troubled lately. Ever since her father told her that if you don’t believe in God, you go to hell, she realized that her Aunt Ingrid, doesn’t believe. So Mary spends her Sundays praying that God will change her aunt’s heart, but it’s been two weeks of constant praying and Mary wants to give up. She thinks nothing will change her aunt’s ways. … [Read more...]

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice


Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice by Naomi Waldron 2nd Place - High School - GNN America Homeschool Writing Contest   I have chosen to share my opinion on a very controversial topic: abortion. As a Christian teenage girl, I feel very strongly about this and want to encourage others to speak out about it. The first paragraph is written from a “pro-choice” view and the second is my opinion: Pro-Life. My hope and prayer is that this will touch others for Jesus.   Pro-Choice A … [Read more...]

Good Medicine, Indeed: The Benefits of Laughing


Good Medicine, Indeed: The Benefits of Laughing by Madison Brown 2nd Place - Middle School - GNN America Homeschool Writing Contest Laughing… the profound, outstanding, remarkable, magnificent, cool, crazy chuckle that we do –hopefully- every day of our lives. I love to laugh, and I hope that you do, too. Why does one laugh? Because something is funny? Do they laugh because they’re amused? Having a good time? Embarrassed? There are a number of reasons why people laugh. My top reason is … [Read more...]