What is a true Classical Education? Learn more about Classical Conversations


A classical education recognizes that we learn anything by going through three distinct phases: learning the words and basic facts associated with the subject, sorting, understanding, and practicing using those words and facts, and finally, using the information by teaching the subject to someone else, writing original essays on the subject or solving problems with the information. Classical schools vary in their definition of “classical.” Some educators believe that classical education … [Read more...]

Guess what? Homeschooling benefits parents too! (Paul Faris Vlog)

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Personally, I have learned so much homeschooling over the last six years and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I've learned more about my children, the world, history, patience, and how to be a better parent for my children. You CAN homeschool! Check out the other videos from HSLDA on how to begin your journey. Paul Faris, President of Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada (HSLDA Canada), encourages homeschooling families by listing some of the benefits to parents! … [Read more...]

STOP Common Core for crying out loud! Don’t miss this powerful 5 part series.

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NO TO COMMON CORE YOUTUBE CHANNEL www.stopcommoncore.com No copyright infringement intended. Copyrighted material. Not authorized to download and reproduce on DVDs. Order DVDs at stopcommoncore.com. Part 1 of 5 Stop the Common Core Part 2 of 5 Stop the Common Core Part 3 of 5 Stop the Common Core Part 4 of 5 Stop the Common Core Part 5 of 5 Stop the Common Core … [Read more...]

Common Core: Building the Machine – Powerful Parent Interviews

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Educate yourself and stop Common Core! The first video below is a powerful account of parent's experience with Common Core, followed by the trailer "We are all the same" and the original Common Core Documentary. Building the Machine - Common Core - The Parent Interviews We are all the same. At least that's what they want us to believe. The Common Core Documentary http://www.CommonCoreMovie.com … [Read more...]

Homeschool Student Speech – The Benefits of Smiling

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This homeschool student speech will bring a smile to your face as she speaks about the benefits of smiling at the NCFCA Speech & Debate National Championship. Teach your kid how to give a speech: http://triviummastery.com … [Read more...]