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When we started GNN America in 2013, our vision was to provide good news stories to inspire others to kindness.  Each morning I would spend hours combing through news feeds to find the good news to share with you all but something happened.  My eyes were opened to the fact that it’s not all rainbows and gumdrops out there and the world is becoming a darker and darker place.  Part of me wanted to just stick my head back in the sand and pretend I didn’t see, read, or hear what I did.  Cognitive … [Read more...]

The Power of One

power of one

  by Lori Bango A blank page, a new month, and a new beginning stares us in the face in uncertain times.  What are we to make of it all?  The world is rapidly changing around us but one thing stands true - we have the power to change it and it’s not about our ability, but our availability.  When the world is falling apart around us, do we live our lives on the edge of our seat floundering like a fish, or do we live victoriously?  We have the power!  The Power of One. Do you believe … [Read more...]

The work from home-school Mama | Can I do both? My Story (Part 1)

part 1

by Lori Bango Are you a working mom who, in your heart of hearts, really desires to homeschool or stay home with your children but it seems impossible? Are you a homeschooling mom who has always wanted to start your own business and earn a supplemental income from home? I’m here to tell you that it is possible, and encourage you to reach for your dreams regardless of your current circumstances. It’s ok to dream big – sometimes dreams come true! For nine years, my heart’s desire … [Read more...]

The work from home-school Mama | It’s grass roots capitalism! (Part 2)

working mom cover

<<Previous Post - The Working Homeschool Mama - My Story (Part 1) by Lori Bango Numerous homeschool moms would love to earn an extra income for a variety of reasons such as contributing to the household income, getting out of debt, extra spending money, school supplies or vacation. Vacation? I’m not sure I remember what that is, but I’m hoping to change that in the near future! However, my husband doesn’t like to fly….anywhere…ever, but that’s a post for another time. Some … [Read more...]

The work from home-school Mama | How to choose the right opportunity (Part 3)

part 3

 <<Previous Post - The Working Homeschool Mama - Grass Roots Capitalism From Home (Part 2) by Lori Bango "How do I select the right business opportunity? Is this some type of Network Marketing scheme?" Have you seen a good movie lately? Personally I have referred many of my friends to the movie Mom’s Night Out. (Fantastic movie by the way!) But, as of yet, I’ve not received a check in the mail from Harkins or AMC thanking me for my referral. How about your favorite … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Messianic Passover


Celebrating the Messianic Passover By Lori Bango There are several ways to celebrate the Messianic Seder with your family during Holy Week. Traditionally, the celebration begins at sundown on Passover and continues for six hours until midnight. I don’t know about you, but my children would not last for a six hour meal at this point, but we hope to get to that point in the future. This morning, our family celebrated the Passover meal during our Bible time when my husband was home to … [Read more...]

Sweet Surrender: Lori’s Cancer Testimony

cancer testimony

VISIT LOST N' FOUND MINISTRY On December 7th, my pastor asked that I share a brief testimony at church on how my journey through cancer relates to Mary, the mother of Jesus, when everything in her life changed in a moment. If you have walked with the Lord for any time, it doesn’t take much imagination to wonder what it was like to be Mary. Mary had a plan. She thought she knew the direction her life, her marriage, and her family was heading. Then God’s message brings a drastic change of … [Read more...]

Should Christian’s celebrate Halloween? Are the origins really evil?


 by Lori Bango Halloween used to be one of favorite days of the year as a child growing up and through my early twenties.  It seemed harmless enough, but after I had children and we continued the tradition, we began to question more and more each year why we are still choosing to celebrate Halloween.  This is a controversial topic for many Christians.  Should we or shouldn’t we celebrate Halloween and why?  If we choose not to, are we taking something away from our children?  … [Read more...]

Ebola/Entrovirus68: It’s time to get serious about protecting our immune systems and preparing our homes


by Lori Bango The world is on fire and the growing fears over Ebola and Entrovirus 68 are rising rapidly just in time for flu season. Now many of you know that it has officially reached the U.S. Ebola is a frightening virus with over 60 percent of the infected result in death, and up to 90 percent in patients who receive no treatment.  The ones who are surviving this deadly virus are likely the ones with strong healthy immune systems. Let’s not forget as the news is overwhelmed with the … [Read more...]

Emergency Preparedness: 5 Steps to Protect Your Family, Church, and Neighborhood

emergency prepare

by Lori Bango Is your family, church, and neighborhood prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster? Here are five simple steps you can take to protect your family, church, and neighborhood before disaster strikes: 1.  Pray Rabbi Jonathan Cahn calls for national prayer. 2.  Develop an Emergency Operations Plan for Your Family Have a Plan September is National Preparedness Month and this year we need to wake up and be watchful of what is happening around … [Read more...]