Sweet Surrender: Lori’s Cancer Testimony

cancer testimony

VISIT LOST N' FOUND MINISTRY On December 7th, my pastor asked that I share a brief testimony at church on how my journey through cancer relates to Mary, the mother of Jesus, when everything in her life changed in a moment. If you have walked with the Lord for any time, it doesn’t take much imagination to wonder what it was like to be Mary. Mary had a plan. She thought she knew the direction her life, her marriage, and her family was heading. Then God’s message brings a drastic change of … [Read more...]

Lori’s Story


I want to be the one who stands up and says "I'm going to DO SOMETHING!"    Born a second generation Arizona native, Lori is a follower of Jesus cleverly disguised as a wife, homeschool mom, worship leader, vocal coach, and small business owner. For nearly 20 years, she was immersed full time in Corporate America working in stressful project management, RFP, and technical writing roles. After much prayer, the Lord faithfully granted her heart’s desire to homeschool six years ago. In … [Read more...]

The day that changed our lives forever…

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RELATED:  Sweet Surrender:  Lori Bango's Cancer Testimony Video - December 7, 2014 April 7, 2011, was a day that changed our lives forever.  Coming out of anesthesia groggy and crying out in excruciating pain, the attending nurse administers another dose of morphine and steps away.  Alone and confused, the distant voices were chattering beyond the curtain trying to locate my husband.  What was going on?  I stumbled in early that morning, barely able to walk from he pain of what we thought … [Read more...]

Why Good News?

Good News

How many of us spend one hour or more a day watching the mainstream news and balance with one hour of good news? How many of us are intentional about spreading good news to balance the bad? by Lori Bango Many of us frequently complain about the negativity of the news: war, economy, bullying, shootings, politics, scandals, natural disasters, murder, and the list goes on.  All of the continual bad news can cause depression, anger, anxiety, and other health problems common to most American’s … [Read more...]